Do you have questions about copywriting or publishing or just want to talk to someone about your abiding love for old timey bottlecaps?  

I'm here for it! 


So you've got questions…

I love to meet with friends and strangers-who-become-friends to discuss their writing projects. We can do so over Facetime/Skype, or by phone. We can structure our meeting to cover specific bulletpoints or we can approach it as a loose, exploratory conversation.  

Some topics we might discuss:
- How do you land an agent (I've worked with two)?
- What are the first steps to building a freelance practice?
- Is self-publishing or traditional publishing right for me? 
- What should I put in my non-fiction proposal?
- How do I pitch journalistic stories and essays to editors?

My consulting rate is $65/hour. I'll send you a follow-up e-mail with some notes and thoughts to summarize our discussion. There's no pressure to continue our hours together, but our initial consult should give you a flavor of how I work with my clients to try to help them articulate their goals, map out a plan, and fulfill their dreams.