Do you have questions about copywriting or publishing or just want to talk to someone about your abiding love for old timey bottlecaps?

I'm here for it!


So you've got questions…

I love to meet with friends and strangers-who-become-friends to discuss their writing projects. We can do so over Facetime/Skype, or by phone. We can structure our meeting to cover specific bulletpoints or we can approach it as a loose, exploratory conversation.  

Some topics we might discuss:
- How do you land an agent? (I’ve worked with several).
- What are the first steps to building a freelance practice?
- Is self-publishing or traditional publishing right for me? 
- What should I put in my non-fiction proposal?
- How do I pitch journalistic stories and essays to editors?

My consulting rate is $35 for 30 minutes, or $60/hour. If you’d like to buy a package of 5 hours, you receive one hour free.

I'll send you a follow-up e-mail with some notes and thoughts to summarize our discussion. There's no pressure to continue our hours together, but our initial consult should give you a flavor of how I work with my clients to try to help them articulate their goals, map out a plan, and fulfill their dreams. 


Not ready to hire a writing coach yet, but you know you want to try freelance writing? The Freelance Writing Primer was created just for you. For < $10, here is a valuable e-book that offers a great foundation for launching your lance as a writer.

4.99 7.99

The feeling of seeing your own name in print is a thrill that never really fades. Putting your writing out into the world and getting paid for it? Exhilarating!

But where to begin? Do you write the personal essay first, or should you pitch the longform story to the editor first? And where do you figure out what publications are seeking freelancers and where do you find the editor’s information? Further, how do you even know what rate to command?

This 16 page e-book contains the kind of information that every freelance writer should have at his/her fingertips when they are launching their careers, including:

- How to decide whether to go full-time or work the side-hustle
- What to charge and how to ensure your rate reflects what your work is worth
- Ideas for specializing
- Ideas for generating clips for your writing portfolio
- Showcasing your writing clips online
- How to pitch prewritten content
- Online resources that show pay rates for different publications
- A sample pitch that worked for securing an assignment from a major publication
- Marketing ideas for any budget

Here are other resources I recommend that complement this primer. These may contain an Amazon affiliate link:
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