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This 16 page e-book contains the kind of information that every freelance writer should have at his/her fingertips when they are launching their careers, including:

- How to decide whether to go full-time or work the side-hustle
- What to charge and how to ensure your rate reflects what your work is worth
- Ideas for specializing
- Ideas for generating clips for your writing portfolio
- Showcasing your writing clips online
- How to pitch prewritten content
- Online resources that show pay rates for different publications
- A sample pitch that worked for securing an assignment from a major publication
- Marketing ideas for any budget

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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at freelance writing but weren’t sure where to begin, how to get an assignment, and what to charge if you did?

I’m fortunate to be able to make an income as a writer. It’s now my pleasure to help others who are just starting their freelance careers or trying to earn a little extra money doing the writing that they love. I hope this is a resource that you will find valuable and call upon for years to come.