About Kendra 

I wear a pair of headphones whenever I am writing. This has the dual effect of cueing my children that I am deeply immersed and not at all querying Wikipedia as to when Tiffani Thiessen dropped the Amber altogether. There is utter magic in those headphones, even if they have become something of a Dumbo’s feather to my writing flow. Sometimes magic emerges from my typing hands, too, but only if they are not otherwise burning themselves on too-hot mugs of tea (herbal, probably something cinnamon).

When the magic is within me, sometimes my writing shows up in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Slate, McSweeney's, and more. I gravitate toward human interest and memoir writing.

I am also a CALLIGRAPHER - I have always loved handlettering, the meditation of the process and the beauty of the product. The cliche of Catholic school penmanship is true in my case. To see more of my work and pricing, lookahere!


I earned my M.L.A. in journalism from Harvard University. I grew a whole human while in grad school and claim great victory in having earned my stripes as a Pregnant Navy Seal (self-awarded). Prior to this, I attended Allegheny College where I graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in a subject that no one remembers. I also found my husband at R.A. training and I’m not giving him back. Together we have two children and one dog and no money and so much love.


10 for Nothing:

1. When I was in the second grade, I drew a picture of my dream adult life in which I was as a single woman who traveled a lot. I was also very tall with long hair. That was my first work of prophetic fiction.

2. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Diehl, was the greatest champion of my writing; I think teaching third grade is one of the highest vocations.

3. My AIM screenname was DQDiva917 and let’s never talk about it.

4. Celebrity crush: Ira Glass (that nerdy voice!)

5. First CD I ever bought: Counting Crows "August and Everything After."

6. I brake for stationery shops.

7. The Friendly's Reese's Cup Sundae is still as good as I remember.

8. I am a dental freak show.

9. I have lived in: Cleveland, Ohio; Meadville, PA; Washington D.C.; Chattanooga, TN, and Boston, MA.

10. I was a faithful diarist all through high school, which is one of the best gifts an adolescent person can give to one's adult self.


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