10 Lessons from Ira Glass at the Tivoli, CHA

1.) I missed the memo that hipster glasses + checked shirt were requisite audience uniform. #missedthememo 2.) Beginning a live show in total darkness save for the glow of an iPad and the sound of Ira Glass' voice? Makes my mind go crazy, crazy places. #YESnoYESnoYESisaidNO

3.) Ira Glass did not rock the cliched skinny tie. #radiotakesthestage

4.) Ira Glass' parents wanted him to be a doctor and could barely forgive him for his non-pursuit of med school well into his thirties. #salary=agex1000

5.) Turns out the story structure championed by TAL is the same one Jesus used :) #sermonswork

6.) Media offers so very few chances of surprise. News reports are especially choreographed, restrained. TAL offers moments of genuine surprise on radio. #mediasurprise

7.) Tearing a page out of Terry Gross' playbook, TAL storytelling strives to Name the Universal Thing that is so relatable in each story, even if it's about being bitten by a shark. #namingthething

8.) Ira Glass is both Alice and Lewis Carroll. #difference #iraglass #lookingglass

9.) Choosing to attend this lecture was a great decision in lieu of holding a regular old Interactive Online Journalism class tomorrow. #experientiallearning

10.) Ira Glass speaks fondly and often of Terry Gross. Almost as much as Terry Gross speaks of Judd Apatow. #medialove