Linked through tightwad, nylons, boyfriend, and McGillicutty

Sometimes [read: daily] my vanity overcomes me and I check the site meter for referrals to my site. I like to know where in the world wide web people are being routed to this site. This site is my baby. I started it in January 2003 when my daily thoughts swung pendulum-like between why I didn't join the Peace Corps after graduation, and how much Origins eye shadow could I afford with my paltry paycheck. This website gave me a place to scrawl these thoughts, and I've been living the contradictions out here ever since. I started the blog for myself, and if no one else on earth reads it, this site will still exist. Because I'm one of those sickheads born with that chip that requires one to make perfectly private things public -- even if the public doesn't care -- and maybe this is not really innate, maybe it's derived from too many self esteem classes in 2nd grade. My thoughts about creamy eye shadow and sustainable agriculture in Caracas matter, even if they only matter to me. And of course the few friends who read this to humor me. And occasionally my sister, probably, because I never bring up anything about myself in our convos unless they deal with dreams I had about how Now and Laters were suddenly selling for $5,000 at the Bay Pool concession stand (the nightmare!) and she might be scouring this site to see if I was doing anything else with my life besides analyzing dreams about freak candy inflation.

Then, there are the others who land here. The following are just a few of the search entries that have routed the internet scavengers to my real estate:

"Catholic School Swim Test" - I've done both, just not interrelatedly.

Glenbay Drug" - one of my favorite entries ever.

"tightwad, boyfriend" - I'm tempted to write a self-help manual on breaking up with Fruggie Frugalpants based on the frequency of these referrals alone.

"Stanton McGillicutty" -- I should note that the former is both my maiden and middle name and the latter is a nickname given me by my dad; however, the route was through Yahoo in Japanese, so who could have known?

"witticisms johnny mac hollywood squares" - I hope they found what they were seeking...

"girl next door kendra bathing suit" - They so did not find what they were seeking...

"girlfriends nylons" - Interestingly, this linked to a picture of my friends on a golf course in summer, so not wearing nylons.

"addressee etiquette" - Among other Calligraphy related queries.

"baby hahahahahaha" - Again, this was through Japanese Yahoo, and linked multiple times. That baby just kept laughing and laughing and they didn't know what to do, evidently.