15 for 15

My babies are all catching their beauty rest right now, as they should be. It's late and it's sabbath. Time to rest: mind, body, soul. I am still awake and tending the coals of the interwebs since I feel impressed to share the following.

"Fifteen Lessons for Fifteen Years" is a reflection in three parts by Pastor David Asscherick. I could wax on about how moved I have been by God's word through the vessel of Pastor Asscherick's eloquent preaching. How he has perhaps had the most influence on my and my husband's conversion beyond any other pastor. And we've never really met Pastor Asscherick! That is a story for another day, however.

For now, this is a celebration of baptism and of forgetting the darkness in our past and looking to the sun-drenched horizon of our future in Christ.

If you have a moment this weekend to scan these, there is so much wisdom contained within these three posts. Even if you are not a Seventh-day Adventist Christian but have a heart for God's leading in your life or your family, I encourage you to read these. I've been blessed abundantly.


(Link to the first part in the series. You'll find a jump at the end of the linked post to the next parts.)