2, 2, 2

Linda over at All and Sundry wrote recently that having a two year-old is basically like experiencing the most awesome and the most wretched extremes of a person, with very little of the happy medium. I have to agree.

I'm super sensitive to the way my own two year-old treats me at times, and how I treat her in return. And it's not all reactive. Sometimes it's preemptive. Just trying not to trigger a tantrum, just trying to think one step ahead.

But I didn't think she'd actually be tempted to use the spray sunscreen and squirt it in her mouth today. Ya know, just to see. Otherwise, I would have put the stuff on a high shelf.

I find myself playing a lot of Bubble Breaker these days. Correlation?

I also find myself pondering these two little chubbacheeks. Yes I did pluck them from the Cabbage Patch.

TJL @ 2 mos IMG_4553

MJL @ 2 mos supermadi