You have been unsubscribed from the American Dream.

You have been unsubscribed from the American Dream.

We’re sorry to see you go! Would you mind telling us the reason you unsubscribed?

  • The content was no longer relevant to me.

  • I’m just taking a break until 2020.

  • I didn’t realize it was set to auto-renew before 2020.

  • I didn’t know I had subscribed by being born on U.S. soil.

  • I just finished Between the World and Me.

  • I am not a mediocre white man who has romanticized his forefathers’ immigration story.

  • It looked like Spam, both the virtual and the canned form.

  • It was too expensive, e.g. for my soul.

  • I thought this was for Blue Apron.

  • I was only able to take advantage of $0.79 of the benefits because I have a uterus.

  • The flat pebblesnail has more constitutional protections in the state of Alabama than I do.

  • It is easier to purchase an assault rifle in North Dakota than it is to order contact lenses.

  • The Dream was not translated into my primary language.

  • It was not included with Amazon Prime.

  • It wasn’t as user-friendly as I had hoped.

  • I’ve moved to Canada like I promised I would.

  • My children are separated from me, probably in a cage without medical care.

  • Other