4 years, 5 months

A waft of bare feet tickles my nose in the car. "Baby Girl, I can't even breathe in here. Your feet smell horrible!"

"Oh. Sorry, Mom!"

::Wipes feet with diaper wipes.::

::Offers the newly cleansed feet for inspection::

"Mom, can you breathe now?"



We went to go see "Brave" the other night. Just you and I. I had read this review by Jane Roper and deduced that you were emotionally equipped for the motion picture.

Fifteen minutes into the film, when we were both pooping our Pixar pants over the totally gratuitous gnashing of bear teeth, I thought, Oh haha? I was wrong. We pushed up the armrest between us and I sort of held you but really you were pretty much holding me and together we were sort of Brave, trying to make it to the end.

On the way home, you told me about the last time you went to the movies with Daddy, and you specifically recalled how you got cheesy popcorn, an orange soda, and Skittles. Here's hoping the ring pops we bought from the Dollar Store are the stand-outs from this mama date, too.



A grandma who was looking in on your dance class tonight observed, "That little girl in the black leotard--she's doing so well. She's so cute."

She's with me :)

Gotta dance

*** I said a bad word tonight and you rebuked me and told me you would take it out of my mouth.


*** Thank you for being my comical, brave, talented daughter with a pure heart. You teach me far more than I could ever hope to teach you. You are one of God's best ideas. I love you.