6 months + 3 years = Infinitely Blessed

3:45a.m. I pick Baby Girl up from her crib where she is stirring and I kiss her. My lips feel as though they've been burned by her forehead. Lovey Loverpants got paged earlier and so he is at the hospital. Text messages are exchanged. Moments later and he is placing Baby Girl on my lap face down and saying, "Hang on, I need to get some KY for the rectal thermometer." He bought one on his way home. Go to bed now, he says. I'll stay with Baby Girl.***

Thank you, God, for a man that will buy a rectal thermometer from the dodgey pharmacy at 4 a.m. and use it with care.


Three years ago on July 31, this was the part of our love story we were writing...


Three years later and this is our love story in living color...


Happy Anniversary, Lovey Loverpants. Happy Six Months, Baby Girl.