A 30 second review of Inside Out

"Inside Out," Pixar's newest way to fleece parents of a buck, is brilliant and everyone should see it--even people who think a movie about emotions and core memories is a bunch of psychobabble. There you have it, the only 30 second review you will ever need for "Inside Out."

inside outTrust. It's kind of like when you read Suess's "Oh the Places You'll Go." You thought you were wading in some unexpectedly deep waters of truth. You'll get that feeling again, times forty five.

I will add that one of my favorite parts (no spoilers) is when Bing Bong, an imaginary friend from a girlhood of yore, is riding the Train of Thought and accidentally spills chips that represent facts and opinions. In case you are a robot hard-wired to not experience the blurring of what feels like actual fact and what might be merely an opinion, this moment was a thrill. Because everyone concedes "These facts and opinions look so similar!" I felt so vindicated, having lived with a therapist for ten years. See? SEE! Sometimes they get mixed up, even for animated Pixar people feelings figures, too!

P.S. And yes I do have my next outfit picked out for the costume party.