A novel departure from the script

Here at Kendraspondence, we know you rely on us as your trusted source for the latest information on fracking, Fantasy Football picks of the week, and vaccinating your children. But just for this once, we are going to depart from script and go totally rogue. That's right! We're going to showcase a few of the things that Kendra has been bedazzling. We know what you're thinking! That can't be! Kendra has final exams to prepare and grade. She's got holiday open houses to host. Au contrair, dear readers, for herein we explore the fruits of her distraction and procrastination.... There have been mantles to festoon. IMG_20131130_094434


The gumdrops were all Loverpants and the kids. IMG_9728

There have been bald, brassy lamps to buy at Goodwill for $3...



















...which are delightful to paint and offer a proper hat.

lamp rehab


















There were salt scrubs to make for my teaching assistants, who deserve so much more than an upcycled mason jar filled with natural goodness, but don't we all, really....

DIY salt scrub











I've been persuading my young'ns that getting clean is not just as much fun as Saturday Night Fever, it practically IS a disco. IMG_9718

Even Loverpants has been getting crafty. The man was so fastidious in preparing the layers to our haystacks-in-a-cup that he has it DOWN, young. Down to an artform.



I also tried these cookies as I had all the ingredients on hand, but these little puppies were so amazing, because parchment paper because chocolate and peanut butter because try them.


This was also one cigarette lighter short of a a MacGuyver innovation. We didn't have any receptacle for displaying classy Coke bottles and also keeping them on ice at our holiday open house, so I busted open a hatbox and threw a plastic bag in it. Done and done.


The students we adopted from our church were wanting to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. With Coke.


Happy Holidays, you. Drink Coke and be merry. This post was not in any way sponsored by Coca-Cola, though it should have been.