A short wish list

In no particular order, my wish list, dear Santa: - For the faceless nameless banks who own our Boston real estate to approve our short sale. - For Millennials to use "literally" sparingly & appropriately. - For the cancerous cells attacking someone I deeply love to take a permanent vacation. - For Ryan on "Parenthood" to magically overcome his PTSD and marry Amber and let them have billions of babies with buzzcuts. - For more Bikram yoga, fresh guacamole, and AFAR Magazine in my life. - For inspiration to finish my manuscript. - For Michelle Obama and Terry Gross to become my best friends. - For a little dusting of snow. - For a sounder understanding of what I am doing here. - For a Fulbright to the South of France to research its beaches and pastry. - For photos of bikini betties standing in a conga line sucking in their stomachs to be banned from Facebook. - For my children to keep greeting me like Rosie O'Donnell greeted Tom Cruise on her show in 1996. - For Fifty Shades of Gray to disappear. - For my husband to keep loving me something fierce in spite of the frequent loss of my keys and glasses. - For my keys and glasses to not so frequently disappear. - For the Mac spinning wheel of death to only happen to pretty people. Just kidding. Haha, but imagine! - For the whole thing with Syria and Israel and Palestine and other sovereign nations along the Mediterranean to really just work it out for once and for all. - For students to cease beginning questions with, "So did you want us to...?" - For more love in my heart and less cavities in my teeth.

What about you?

*** Baby Girl's sabbath school class has been playacting out the Nativity story. She was underwhelmed by the role of Wise Man toting myrrh.


The role of Mary was truly impressive, however.


They were so cute in antlers, trust.