Every time I am at the gym, the episode of the Kardashians where Kim is having a PSORIASIS CRISIS is on. How many times have I watched Kim-Dash whine, "My whole career is about being photographed in a bikini!!!"  Watching her say these words has obviously had no effect on me while on the treadmill. This is not a conspiracy at all, in fact. I am not hard-pressed to ramp up my distance and incline and speed because Kim is looking all vampy voluptuous with her eyelashes the length of most fighter plane wings. Nopers! I am totally not moved to self-consciousness that Kim still somehow manages to look slammin' even though she is panicky patty about her spotty skin, while I am huffing and puffing all sweaty betty thinking, Does no one else find the painful irony in this?  That I am all tomato-cheeked and smelling like the floor of a horse stable while I watch Kim carry on her monologue with a camera pointed solely on her, moaning how she can't possibly go in front of the cameras--and what if the tabloids found out about her skin problem?  WHAT THEN?! Dear Diary,

Am so broke, cannot afford cable television.  All's well, though.  Can catch up on Kim Kardashian at gym.

Yours, Sweaty Betty

*** Had an epic weekend of travel and family and surprises. Cannot wait to regale you with stories of aforementioned episodes. For now, here is a picture teaser. xoxo


Sweet little soft shoe stepper. Columbus Feis, 2011

*** And you know how I like to put the f-u-n in fundraising. Thanks for being a fun person and supporting ASH!