American Girl Doll

Here we are, just days from departure and as you can imagine we are just savoring every last stroll through America's walking city, beholding the historic jewels of New England's county seat!!! Or.

Or we are asking Loverpants if it's okay if we girls can rouge up our faces and use the car to whisk ourselves to the posh mall in the 'burbs so we can be ladies who lunch at American Girl Doll you know how we do.

Say what you will about an establishment that primarily pedals baby dolls and baby carriages within the confines of walls that are not just a little bit pink. But honestly? If American Girl Doll were a country club?  I would be a member.  I would go on a daily basis and drink pink lemonades in the second floor cafe whose light fixture are never not pink.  I would frequent the hair salon and learn the fine art of dreadlocking dollhair.  I would make Friday my day to crash birthday parties and after playing pin the hula skirt on the Kanani, I would go play with all the accessories just to see how many little cupcake combinations you can--I mean, just to ya know, look and watch and observe how cute all the little playsets are.

I suppose this last hurrah trip to AGD was all vicariousness.  I never had an American Girl Doll and always wanted one.  Not that my childhood was not ridiculously privileged.  Oh, there I am at private school!  And tennis camp!  Oh, ridiculous privilege, hey there!

What I did crave, though, was one-on-one time with my parents and this is something that I am working to capitalize on with my daughter now. With my son still nursing, this is not an easy feat, but kids have a way of making their needs known EXCUSE ME, MOM even in the midst of MOM trying to finish MOM your CAN WE DO THE DORA DANCE NOW, MOM clipping coupons.  Who needs to MOM, NOW? clip coupons NOW, MOM? anyway?

Today was a great day to spend time with my girl, and to bid adieu to our dear gal pals Maia and Melinda. I'm so glad for today, for girls, for sugar and spice and everything nice.

*** IMAGE_174

Our gal pals Maia and Melinda being faboo.


  xoxo and cake pops