An Inconvenient 2 Hours

After antsy-pantsing my way through "An Inconvenient Truth," I have learned little that I did not already know about global warming. However, I still have a few questions for you, Mr. Gore.

1.) Mr. Gore, what did you think the popular reaction would be to a documentary whose storyline occurs in two settings? The first is on stage where you are giving a Powerpoint presentation. The second occurs in various backdrops where you are putting together a Powerpoint presentation. Because my reaction was, "Um. That's kinda corny."

2.) Was the part where you ride the lift to illustrate just how catastrophically high our global warming temps have reached considered a special effect?

3.) Why, during the narrative, are you constantly riding in cabs with no apparent other riders sharing the cab with you? Is not the selfish Americentric usage of cars to blame for our existent global warming troubles? Hypocrit say wuh? Do you ever use public transportation? Or are you fearful of a security problem, what with all of the anti-global warming conspirators lurking among the underground rails.

4.) What does Big Tobacco have to do with global warming? I failed to see the relevance.

5.) May I have my money back?