The month named after Caeser Augustus, 2011

Really John? You had to put the Iron Gym on the doorjam of the bathroom? You don't like it there?

No! I can't shut the bathroom door.

When did we become a bathroom door-shutting family?

[You can take the boy out of Canada....]


Good people of Craigslist? Thank you.



This past weekend we:

- Ate at a Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet in Kentucky. Fact the First: It was my first time at le buffet. I know! Fact the Second: The entire tab for our family of 4 came to $13.50. I'm not sure I could have made my own pizza buffet for double that. Something about that seems criminal. Fact the final: Pizza Hut is still a proud sponsor of the Book It! program. So get reading, young.

- Drove 10 hours in order to shack up at my sister's adorable house. She lives in Pottery Barn minus the annoying customer base barking at the cashier to wrap the wrought iron sconces individually while they simultaneously gab on their cellphones.



- Snuck into my old man's pool while he was at church. When he came home to us lounging in his backyard (with SpongeBob balloons to boot), he was so surprised. He turns 60 in a couple of weeks, but we helped him kick off the next decade of life with a rousing surprah. I'm so grateful for my old man. Actually, grateful doesn't come close to expressing my heart-thanks for him being such a wonderful pop and pampa to my kizzle. I love you, Pop, and I hope you have many more birthdays filled with cake and kids and pool inflatables.