Be Not Deceived

I can assure you that my holiday vacation was more like The Griswolds Visit Dr. Phil than it was, say, Miracle on 34th Street. (The one with Natalie Wood, not the Mrs. Doubtfire lisping wisp of a girl, natch.) Be not deceived that our holidays were all Martha merry-making, that we were all just putting on our Pinterest pants and rolling out cookie dough and assembling gingerbread houses with cotton candy coming out of the chimneys. (But seriously, how come I am the first to think of that? :winks: )

I would be remiss if I didn't cop to it. Sometimes the holidays are just really a mess, right?

Sometimes your mom blows up your spot behind the couch. IMG_0600 IMG_0601

Sometimes you make a Snowgirl who sort of looks a little like Jack Pumpkin from Nightmare before Christmas Untitled

Sometimes guests comes over when you're still in your jammies. And then your daughter posts a pic of it to the interwebs :) IMG_0602

Sometimes your sister gives you Pringles for Christmas. IMG_0614

Sometimes you just loaf like a professional couch potato. For days. Untitled

Sometimes your old man thinks he's the family dog. IMG_0625

Sometimes things just are lookin' a little shifty. IMG_0646

Sometimes there are orange men on a couch scaring small children. IMG_0659

Sometimes your outfit matches the cafe walls. IMG_0679

Sometimes there are bowls. IMG_0648

Sometimes you just want to take cover and hide. IMG_0629 IMG_0635

Some moments are really splendid, it's true: IMG_0599






How cute is my stepbrother's li'l fambam? IMG_0597

Happy New Year, y'all. I'm really looking forward with a sense of hopefulness and a real sense of purpose about this year. I hope the same is for you and yours.