Bernie MacBook

I was reluctant to share the story of my newest acquisition, because it might make me look very smug and materialistic.


Actually, I'm no less smug and materialistic as a 27 year-old. I've just been a wicked slacker in uploading photos to share my smug grimmace over my newest materialistic acquisition.

A few weeks before my day of cake and candles, Lovey asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I sighed, "Oh, maybe some books," all the while hoping the Phantom of Birthday Philanthropy would take pity upon my dealings with a 9 year-old compooper and gift us with a new one, one that didn't take half an hour to ramp up and from thence exhibit symptoms of comooper hypochrondria.

Intermittently, I would visit my school's website where they gave student discounts on computers, and sometimes those perusings might possibly have led me to send e-mails to Lovey with the highly subliminal subject line "YOUWANTOBUYMEAMACYOUWANTTOBUYMEAMAC."


But I accept my life of poverty in the House of Broke, where the greatest weekend indulgences include trips to B.J.'s whereby we *might* partake of the snack bar Ohcanwecanwecanwegetsomenachochips???? And I do not expect anything new to come my way until the day when Wee Lee stops making us Christmas presents out of paper mache. When he/she is twenty-two.

So imagine my delight and surprise when I arrived home after 15 hours of sticking it to the man and sticking it to the professor to be gifted with a box, a heavy box...

I'll enlarge the photo here so that you can appreciate the kind of man I married, one who is not afraid to ask my family three months beforehand about contributing to the Bernie MacBook fund for Kendra. Thanks, Lovey, and thanks also to my amazing family, who taketh pity upon the poor. Thou shalt be remembered on vanity websites. And thou shalt inherit the love of the smug and materialistic.