Doing me no favors

Oh, Child, remember that time when I told you we were going to go look at "my friend's house" in two minutes? Well, it just so happens that that friend was only loosely a "friend."  She was more along the lines of....someone I met telephonically yesterday, someone who has never met our brand of hot mess in person before, and who was prospectively going to lease out her rental property to us if we showed up and appeared sane and hygienic and capable of not throwing fists through windows and plaster. So, upon the two minute forewarning of our departure to go house hunt, Child, you took it upon yourself to do what I can only imagine in your brain worked out to mean Getting Ready.

  Child, there is a movie called "The Royal Tenenbaums" in which an actor named Owen Wilson's character Eli Cash goes on a wild drug-induced bender and crashes, quite literally, a wedding.

When you came to me All Ready to go look at the real estate tonight, I saw Eli Cash. In the form of a pixie-haired girl.  Who was not crashing my wedding. But who was unwittingly kinda crashing something else.



butterfly girl

It was too late to wash it all off so away we went as a merry trio: Hot Mess Mama, Tater Tot boy, and Butterfly Girl.

On the way home, Little Man fell in the driveway and busted his lip. So all in all, we were a sight for sore eyes and probably unfit to live anywhere besides a yurt, upon whose sides you could paint butterflies.


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