#CHA spot: Enzo's Market

Sunday in the South. Everybody's churchin'. You wanna be brunchin'. What to do? Enzo's Market appears as an oasis in the otherwise sleepy-on-a-Sunday-morning Southside neighborhood in Chattanooga. We visited on Mother's Day morning around 9 a.m. and the market was already percolating.

The store exterior has an eco-aesthetic. In contrast, it is bright and very modern on the inside (think: glowing like a brand new Lamborghini). The store has a wide produce aisle, a fresh meats, fish, and cheese counter, and a whole wall dedicated to attractive freshly baked goods. The bakery area is also where you can order food items to-go.

In the middle of the store, you will find several aisles of delectable groceries, including half an aisle dedicated to olive oil. I know. I, too, thought I had died and gone to Tuscany Heaven. The selections of sorbets and ice creams and other treats was also generous, too. I could happily get fat at Enzo's.

We enjoyed lattes, a salmon + egg brioche platter, as well as fresh blueberry pancakes. All were reasonably priced based on portions and freshness.

High praise for: Free parking Spacious indoor eating area Charming patio area with lots of encounters with neighborhood dogs Egg + salmon brioche breakfast platter

Negatives: Slow check-out experience with cashier No flavor syrups for lattes

Looking forward to more from Enzo and his team. So glad to have you as another open door on a Sunday morning (among other mornings) in the Southside!

salmon, egg, brioche

blueberry pancakes