Chattanooga Roller Girls

Like meeting She-Ra Princess of Power in the detergent aisle, time stood still as I approached their table. They were here! The superhero princesses on wheels! The Chattanooga Roller Girls! Talking to a mere mortal like moi, at a regular old booth at the Chattanooga Open Air Market this past Sunday. The bombshell on skates asked me if I would like to come to their bout this coming weekend. I stumbled, Um? No! I want to BE one of YOU when I grow up!!

I wanna be a Chattanooga Roller Girl YEEEEAHHH!

They took my e-mail address.

They? Of the phenombomb skatergurl names, of the groovy ensembles, of the fierce circuit of competition against the likes of the Dixie Derby Girls of Johnson City and the Vette City Vixens of Bowling Green. They have my e-mail address.

This was confirmed when they invited ME by e-mail to come to a meet and greet. I took a scan of their schedule and realized I would probs have to quit my job and my family and keeping the whole sabbath thing to join, so it's not really a sacrifice I can make this side of Heaven.

But I'm still going to think of a name for myself in the meantime....

Chattanooga rollergirls

Cha rollergirls

Chattanooga Roller Girls Home Bout Saturday, May 12 @ the Chattanooga Convention Center Doors open @6p Starts @7.

Meet & Greet June 9,2012 @ 11:30 to 1:00 @ Roller Coaster Skate World Fort-O.  We will answer any question you may have and tell you all about us!