Come for the Baby, Stay for the Bath

Baby Girl has been smothered with all manner of affection by Nana Red this week. My mother has assumed the position of Granny Lap and each day, she serves as a soft incubator for Madigan while I am busy getting in my shower before 2p.m. HOT LITTLE LIFE UP IN HEEEYAH!

It occurs to me that parents spend most of their day hoping for those precious few moments when their children are asleep and they are still awake to scramble around to clean and shower and blog and stuff. Whereas the true mark of a grandparent is when they say, "And the best part of my day was getting to hold the baby while she was awake!" Nana Red is in love with Madigan and Madi and her parents are glad for the extra hands and lap.

Nana Red with her "Little Lettuce Leaf Roll"
lettuce roll

Daddy/Madi tummy time (note how Daddy has to tag his hands with notes or else he'll forget what with all of the sleep he's not getting)

Nana finally gets some facetime...
...and the little trollop has a special face for her.


Finally, a proud product of Nana's bathtime: