Got walked in on by my mother-in-law tonight.  She came in from work and I yelled, "Oops!" and  skulked away from Loverpants like I had no idea what kind of shenanigans her son was trying to pull on me, right there in the kitchen, at a time when other families were probably just sitting down to watch the 700 Club. Fresh one that Loverpants. Well, I'm not sure what my mother-in-law saw or if she was going for the Academy Award for Actress in a Supporting Role but she feigned exhaustion and said she wasn't hungry and would just need to head to bed.

Oh, and did we have a good time today?

Adore that woman.

It's hard to chart how I got here, how an overachieving schoolgirl from the homogenous suburbs of Cleveland --who was busy concentrating on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary when she could have been unleashing the mysteries of the High School Boy--gets invited to the lifelong dance with the dreamy sweet Korean-Canadian and works in and travels to interesting places and makes beautiful babies and builds McMansions for chickens out of UPS boxes.

Come to think of it, I wonder what those chickens saw in the kitchen tonight?

Corrupting the good Korean boy since 1999, one unseemly face mash at a time.

The Lees and a Lee-to-Be

Above: Christmas 2004, Loverpants and I were engaged and his family still had time to press eject but they didn't and now they're stuck with me. I love them so much.