Crafternoon with findings from The Refindery

I have a penchant for trolling shops and other emporia that stock old timey estate sale things. Bureau drawer knobs and big slabs of slate. The things I could do with them! The junky things I can make using mod podge and dryer lint! My personal kryptonite are planks of wood, though. I love a good solid piece of wood that cries out to me, Paint me! Gold leaf me! Take me home!

The Refindery

My virgin visit to Chattanooga's The Refindery afforded me the ultimate souvenir. A wood plank that might want to sit down for this and grab a paper bag in which to breathe...hand-carved. I know. It was like winning Powerball or giving birth to an heir to the throne and not having to tell the media right away. At least, that's how I imagine it would feel. Finding your handcut wood and the salesperson at The Refindery saying, "How 'bout $12?"

Boom. Sale. Done and done.

She said it was probably a remnant from someone's fireplace which was lovely to think about this being a literal part of someone's hearth.

Here is what happened when I got home:

1. Sanded wood to clean off any excess crud.

The Refindery

2. Painted with acrylic paint and then covered bottom half with chalkboard paint.

The Refindery

3. Allowed to dry and posted some kendraspondence in chalk on my new fireplace fixture.


I think it looks quite fetching and will definitely return to The Refindery for more woodchips from the Planet Krypton.