Days of Sweet, Days of Sweat

We've had some sweet days here with the advent of summer, and I am so so glad for sprinkler park weather, and husbands who take days off to wrangle toddlers and knock out grocery lists, and wee baldy infants that caterpillar crawl up their mamas' chest.... Of course, it has not been all bliss and baby booties.  I am still in excruciating abdominal pain, rendering me unhelpful for the majority of toddler fun-making.  I have been so guilty of being a mean mama to my toddler, meeeean and wretched!! and I have surely been forced to my praying knees. Oh mercy, have I.

I know the days will start to be better once I start to feel better, but in the meantime, I am nuzzling a downy head of a Little Man and kissing the sweet cheeks of a Baby Girl and holding fast to the Lovey Loverpants and hoping that we will find our rhythm as a family of four, even if it is an awkward, peculiar kind of rhythm...let it be one that we four can follow together.


Adventures with Daddy... IMG_4370





We do not own a set of blocks.  We don't need them when we have Walgreen's pharmacy in our very own home. IMG_4355

Even Thundercats need a nap sometimes. IMG_4348

Oh those sweet munchy dimples! IMG_4350