Dear Diary - Archives, copyright 1996

Diary entry: 12/1/1996By Kendra C. Stanton

So as not to be nihilistic, I have elected to keep an advent preparatory journal. In a word, life is hectic. It is not an ulcer, though. There is always something to do. *** I anticipate school with much eagerness this week. A lot to look forward to, like Ring Day, but many barriers to surmount first, like work and meetings. P.S. I read some previously written journals. Not exactly Emily Dickinson's letters to Abiah Root.

Reflections: 1. I don't know why I was sweating the appearance of nihilism? 2. Isn't it good that life is not an ulcer? And further, that there is always something to do. It is far better than the life where there is not always something to do besides be an ulcer. 3. What a barrier those work and meetings were! Barriers to Ring Day, obviously! 4. I was not Emily Dickinson. For shame.