Double the F, Double the N, Double the FFUNN

I felt extra specially blessed this Christmas, and by that I mean that I wasn't self-coaching myself to Be Reminded of All My Many Blessings in some hypnotic Chicken Soup for the Holiday Soul kind of way. I mean I really felt it. The blessedness. 'Twas palpable. I got a boost from being home in Ohio, even though there really wasn't enough time to spend in any substantial conversation with any one family member, except for the night we stayed up talking late with TP about the time she missed the toilet during her freshman year of college. Like, missed it by a whole walk down the hall (hah!). And then there was the day I got to bust out the Bible with Nana Red and Grandpa Goobs with respect to sabbath keeping. So, yes, there were some meaningful discussions mixed in there with multiple naps, and the rhythmic cuckoo-clock popping of Christmas cookies into my more than gracious maw. And all those things and moments and people and sprinkles-coated chocolate dipped OREOS made me feel so blessed. Now, I'm still pushing my way through this seasonal depression valley of ache and demotivation and urge to fall into a full vat of Edy's Samoa ice cream and eat my way out. But I've been surrounded lately by such wonderful people, namely my two favoritests, the Baby Girl and the Loverpants, and they have both made themselves more than available for the constant snugglings that I require roughly every twelve minutes. I'm doing better than I was a week ago. The weather has been craptrocious here, just rainy and London gray, but I've been helped by the fact that the churchies came over for lunch on Christmas Day because you best believe my booty was in motion all a Swifferin' and scrubbin' down every inch of Casa Stanton-Lee. Amazing how much better you feel, how quickening it can be to the senses when you leave the couch.


Baby Girl opens first-ever Christmas present with mark of suspicion.

opening presents

Baby Girl, do you approve of said present?

first Christmas Baby Girl is indeed pleased with present.

another baby

Baby Girl got a mini-me, as well. doll baby

Her parents got new shooz from each other. Pretty spoovie, no?


Later, the churchies came for lunch. How amped do they look about chili and baked potatoes?


Our wee churchie Justin came over and played dress-up from Baby Girl's bin o' fun. I think he looks pretty fetching. It must be the cupcake hat. No. Gotta be the panda slippers. Hat? Slippers.

panda feet