Dumber by the Day

I'm losing my ability to deep think. Think deeply. Use my brain for deduction. I feel my mind growing soft and moldy and if it just sits untended in the dark humming refrigerator of my head, cluttered with half-eaten graham crackers (don't ask me how they ended up in the fridge) and milk, I think the mold just might win. Does anyone have a website where you can hook up some jumper cables from your brain to the internet and rev the rusty engine?

I'm not just losing touch. I can't remember words. Forget completing sentences, I can't remember the words that begin them. Maybe it's because my daily companion speaks in monosyllabic interjections, "Bo! Lo Lo Lo BOOOOO!" Or maybe it's because I watch zero news programming in favor of "Gossip Girl." Either way, I could use some enrichment. Suggestions?

We had all the smartypants peeps over on Saturday. Our annual dinner for the churchies who were graduating. They were all sitting around talking about Tiananmen Square and what happened and why and I hung my head, feigning tidying up the kitchen, wondering if I was the only one who had been to T Square and had no memory of why exactly the students had been protesting. Other than my brain blight, we had a great dinner, and then this evening we had dinner with a couple who are great laughing partners, and since Lovey Loverpants is my laughing partner, well, it's just a roundtable of guffaws every time we get together. (I'm crossing my fingers they don't move away any time soon, too. Only the good move away, Billy Joel.) Splendid weekend on the whole, although Baby Girl appears to have launched Droolapalooza 2008, which is a major sign of teething. Oh that she might be spared the four sets of braces that her two parents have combined in their orthodontic histories. Shoot!

My new cupcake stand. I think Baby Girl will one day find it way groovy, like I found my mom's Jim Croce cassette tapes.

cupcake stand

Churchies:  Kayla, Eunis, PapaJohn, Isabel


Oxygen and Greg



baby girl