The kids have been getting back to serious play. You know, flipping your bike upside down to make ice cream. Sitting on the rock in the flower bed and using it as your cash register in your flower shop. Serious business, this imaginative play. I've been a more than willing participant, because if the kids need play, then I am a wilting flower wanting for the water and sunlight of being outside with sidewalk chalk. I think the oven temperatures of summer, complete with the ticks, mosquitoes, and other pestilences are on the wane ::knocks on wood:: The hot summer can really hamper children's play is what I have learned. We don't even have cable but the mediated life has a way of eclipsing the active imaginative life that it sort of atrophies. Shameful, really.

So I am welcoming the cooler temperatures (even though it is still hot enough to sweat whilst walking at mid-day here) and I am welcoming afternoons that are still sunlit.


Looking forward to this fall: - Going to Gatlinburg with six other families - Soup Swap - Chattanooga Market and all the harvesty produce and merch therein - My sister and her beaufriend visiting and watching my sister ace a half-mar in October - Running a 5k in early November - Cousin Justin from Canadia coming for Turksgiving - Going back to Fork & Pie for pumpkin pie

*** Some snaps from our outing to Rock City which is totally awesome and you all have to come to #CHA and experience!