FAQs for a Keaton Row stylist

sequins_08.png I recently launched a side business with Keaton Row and I am having a blast with it. Whenever I start something new, like I change my toothbrush or I decide I just really like roasted beets, the paparazzi and members of the international press race to the scene and overwhelm me with questions, so I thought I would put in writing my answers to the questions they've already been frequently asking so far.

Q: So, what is Keaton Row and where is that? A: I don't know if it's a place. I think it lives on the internet. It's a personal styling service developed by some beautiful Harvard MBA women.

Q: Do you come to my closet and throw all of my dowdy clothes away like that Stacy and Clinton from TLC? A: No. Everything is done online. You fill out a 5 minute survey and then I pull 5-7 looks for you and put them in an online stylebook. You can either shop from it or just gather ideas/inspiration.

Q: Does the style consult cost anything? A: Not a penny! (Did that sound too infomercially? Sorry)

Q: Shipping? A: Free for delivery or return, so no penalty for trying things on. Yay.

Q: Why should I ask you for style advice? Sometimes you look like you are dressed for preschool picture day? A: Um, ouch?

Q: Well, I just don't feel we have the same style? A: Fair enough. Sometimes really great hairdressers have mullets, though.


Q: What if I want to become a stylist? A: Just fill out an application! Click on the Become a Stylist button here!

Q: Is this part of a racket to get you into a white Mustang or something? A: Promise you, no. I started this because my highschool mate Annie did such an expert job that I just had to try it myself.

Q: I don't need style advice, but I have a friend who does. A: Send her my way! (p.s. This is for women's fashion only.)