Father's Day Gift idea (or a late mother's day gift to myself?)

One of my wonderful students told me that Terry Crews--he of the Hulk-like character on "Brooklyn 99" that everybody loves--was interviewed on Larry King Live. I immediately queued up that Hulu business, because in this haus of Lee, we adore ourselves some Terry Crews. We were so enchanted with him as the longsuffering dad in "Everybody Hates Chris" that we nearly named Little Man "Julius." We were so close. It's a little embarrassing...

This interview, though. He breaks down his career highlights and lowlights and talks about his transformation into a Real Man who would leave "Iron Man" because his son was too scared--and he was *proud* of his son for admitting this. That's just a snippet. I wish more men could embrace some of the sensitivities he talks about...and I understand part of this is because he's written a book and needs to market said book. However, if it is all a hunk of bologna, at least it's a good hunk of bologna.

"We say things like, 'boys don't cry,' but the problem is the Marlboro Man always ends up alone. His wife can't see him, his kids can't see him." - Terry Crews

I may buy this for Loverpants for Father's Day, largely because I know he'll let me read it, probably before he does.