First Day of School

It kind of reminded of a group home for recovering addicts. All the other kids were well-adjusted, going through the very regimented routine of putting away blocks and playing wooden instruments, and they all looked at my kid, the new kid, in a way that was assuring, like, "Hey, man. This place ain't so bad once you get used to it. Food's really good. I think you'll really like it here." Meanwhile, Baby Girl was going ape. She's not really used to a routine, or sitting in a chair for purposes other than eating or watching Elmo on Youtube. Plus, suddenly she had carte blanche to all these groovy toys, all tailored to her height, and why would she want to sit on a rug with all these other kids and listen when there were BIG BALLS to play with, when there was a dolly AND a dolly stroller that NO ONE ELSE WAS USING!?!?

First day of Big Girl School went pretty okay. Her daily report said only one meltdown at lunch and a boycott of the nap, but otherwise, she was a cool customer. I kept wanting to go back and snuggle her and bring her home to nap in her own crib, but I know this is a good thing for all of us and, just like a group home, it's where she needs to be :)


You gotta start the first day of school with a brand new pair of kicks, man.


Giving herself achievement stickers before she had even left home.


After school, she had rightly earned a faceful of stickers. So proud of Baby Girl.