I love my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio like I love watching an old man get up and dance with his wife; the sight is tenuous begging for air support on deck, but in the meantime, your heart just melts as endurance and charm pirouette. ***

I love the college town where I spent 3+ years like I love my thermal shirt from high school. It's ragged and shabby sleeved, and it doesn't fit me perfectly anymore, but it is dear and a piece of nostalgia and so so comfortable.


I love Washington, D.C. where I interned for 9 months like I love a smart set of luggage. It's sharp and sophisticated and on the go. Only with me for a short time.


I love Boston where I lived for 10 years like I love a clicky pair of heels. They look fabulous and elevate my stance. But eventually it's time for me to take them off for something more practical.


I love Chattanooga where I live now like I love kale and carrot juice. It's a mellow cocktail of healthful ingredients. I drink to health but not for a second mistaking it for a milkshake.

The fresh air and the stunning scenery and the affordability and the kindness of strangers and the good schools and the accessibility and the weather...these attributes of our home have been flooding my world lately and I'm so grateful.

Here are some pics of some recent visitors to our lovely mid-size city that you must come experience for yourself.


My brother-in-law came to visit with his lovely wife. They are longsuffering. And! They bring iPads!


My sister-in-law Shannon pulling her nephew on top of the dragon. Things like this happen here all.the.time.


Do we agree that Little Man is definitely doing Zumba in the background?


Continuing with this narrative, do we agree that Little Man is definitely wondering why these people cannot pick up the Mambo from a simple sidewalk imprint?


My sister-in-law is not only the spokeswoman for Fanta, but also the face of Chattanooga! Even though she doesn't even live here. Unfairness!



Baby Girl, totally the face of the Seven Bridges half marathon.


Loverpants and Little Man, they are just beautiful faces.


And these faces always make me happy to live here.