My name is Kendra. I am hooked on water aerobics; I wear a skirted suit.

I like Earl Gray Tea.

I have a weekend mug. You can guess when I use it.

I have gray hair. We are not just talking a few strands.

I drive a station wagon.

I have a card drawer. I forget where the card drawer is.

I read nutrition labels and all the ingredients.

I prefer to eat dinner at 5 p.m.

I have not read any games that hunger nor have I watched the program about the urban abbey. If and when I do, it will likely not be on a tablet device.

A treat for me is spending $5 on the kale and carrot juice at Whole Paycheck.

Sometimes I am grumpy about it but I always go to church.

Most of my shoes are what you would call sensible.

My neck is frequently bedecked with a scarf.

My name is Kendra. I am 31 years-old, going on 103.

I am geriastic.

I am okay with this.