Photo on 2011-06-28 at 21.36 Loverpants and I were ready for them at 8 a.m. We hadn't slept the night before.

But the movers arrived six hours late.

Six hours. Late.

So we departed our emptied house late late that night for Western, MA.

No sleep + moving + crying babies + rude hotelier + probable communicable diseases in this bed where no one slept = does not a happy family make

And you know what frosts my cookies the worst?

I went to go take one more look at the height chart where we had measured Baby Girl's growth on the doorpane of the green room?

And it had already been erased.


The sun is shining and my children have hugged me multiple times and Loverpants is a reorgnanizing Energizin' bunny. Today is going to be a better day.