If I'm neurotic about my son/daughter inheriting my neuroses, will my son/daughter become a complete neurotic anyway?

Been thinking a lot about inheritances, legacies, genetics. Things passed on down the pipeline, things received that were never asked for in the first place.

There are so many traits about Lovey Loverpants that I hope will manifest themselves in our children. Intrepidness, humor, practicality. Ability to not become petrified at border crossings, when refrigerators break. Observational skills, desire to expand one's worldview. Lack of wrinkles and lack of American Skin Cancer Society Poster Child countenance. Also, general cuteness.

There are so many aspects of myself that I hope will not be passed down. Like my neurosis that people are going to find out that I do not make my bed everyday. Also, I stick my neck out when I'm not supposed to. I obsess. I think grammar gaffes should always be corrected. I'm oblique. I sometimes treat people like they are projects. I like Nick Lachey. As a singer. I am impatient. It takes me months to finish some books. I am not a team player.

It is more challenging to name the virtues that I want to share with the progeny. But I'm giving myself five minutes to come up with three:
1.) I hope my child will have a generous sense of humor and be quick to laugh.
2.) I hope my child will rarely be bored because he/she has a vast imagination and is undaunted to start projects that will bring him/her pleasure, or will bring pleasure to others.
3.) I hope my child will have faith, because at least the neuroses will be tempered by an opposing force.