I did this, then I did this

10 Things I Did Today Before Noon1. I let my son sit on my lap and eat my Cinnamon Life cereal. 2. I got annoyed when I was suddenly wearing milk on my work dress. 3. I changed my work dress. 4. I yelled loudly for everyone to get in the car. 5. I apologized to Baby Girl for yelling loudly. 6. I felt proud of the work my students were producing in Pub Tools. 7. I called my husband to ask him to take me home after class. 8. I felt happy I watched some Thomas the Tanker with Little Man. 9. I read part of the Atlantic article on Rahm Emmanuel. 10. I lied down for a nap.

10 Things I Did Today Before Six O'Clock 1. I called my husband a butthead. 2. I changed my sweater. 3. I said "Everyday we're newsletterin'" in Pub Editing; a student laughed. 4. I listened to Loverpants' theories about people who don't return e-mails. 5. I dropped Loverpants at work. 6. I took my children to Coolidge Park. 7. I bought them shaved ice. 8. I laughed with them on the carousel. 9. I got them back to the car 3 seconds before the rains came. 10. I ordered a roasted garlic pizza from Lupi's. 10 Things I Did Today After Six O'Clock 1. I confirmed a payday pedicure with my colleague for tomorrow. 2. I got a rumbly in my tumbly from the garlic pizza. 3. I played some Mario. 4. I got Little Man into his pyjamas and rocked him to sleep. 5. I watched the Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" where he looks back at where the Kitchen Confidential journey all began. 6. I thought about class tomorrow. 7. I thought about dishes in the sink. 8. I listed some Baby Girl clothing on e-bay. 9. I consulted with Loverpants about our taxes. 10. I got an idea for a blog post.

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