In like a lion

Hey and woah, was that some whiplash from this past week? British royals trothing, Bin Laden exiting, the end of my adjunctship. Seriously. Whirlwind. Surely I missed the release of a new Toaster Strudel flavor in there? Please inform. My sister and her beaufriend visited for a long weekend, so I'm just getting back to life without their jocundity. They are lovely folks and very open to adventure-making. So much so that I have no not so many pictures of their time here. We were very busy mounting carousels and giving one another fictitious names and singing the throwback Care Bears theme song ad infintum. And talking about walking, parking, driving, and garages. And making fun of Shad for his iPhone dependency.  ♥ ya, Shad.

There's a lot happening; even the trees are busy doing their pollination dance and hitting my sinuses with a meat cleaver. I've got a hundred squillion and one papers to grade and childcare is nil but it'll all get done. I know this tried and true business of Getting Things Done. What I also know is that my strength comes from above. I was on my knees last week begging God as to why He was expecting so much of me all at once.  His response was perfect. "I've given you enough for one day, Kendra. So just unwrap what you need for today. And tomorrow, well, that's tomorrow's business."


*** Sights from a princess party at our wonderful and inventive friend LMac's:

Daisies + Pimms

daisy a day, pimms

Bubbles on the porch


Principesa Ita

ita principesa

AC and her divine twins Cal-Bow and Mooese

AC, cal-bow, and mooese

Viewing party

royal wedding viewers

Charley, king of his castle


Tatum, non-plused

lil man tate