Investment Property

Here is the 2 level, 2.5 bed, 2 bath condominium where we loved every minute of living for 4 years. We have just reduced the price to a number that gives me acid reflux.

Because of the sad state of lending in our great nation right now, banks really frown upon condominiums -- too risky. Most banks will not finance mortgages for condos in buildings that do not have at least 50% owner occupancy. Our building is entirely tenant-occupied with the very nicest neighbors a person could desire. Our condo association takes care of business and everyone pays their dues.

We originally had rented out our condo. And then we spent 6 months trying to evict the tenants that brought with them domestic violence and drugs. Law enforcement was involved. The unit is now sparkling clean and ready for move-in.

So, we are back in the selling saddle. Essentially, we need a cash buyer who is looking for a lovely little investment property.

We took a leap of faith in moving away from a home that we loved. Our faith continues to carry us. We are confident that God has a plan for our former home.

And if you or someone you know is part of that plan, be sure to get in touch with our wonderful realtor!

Kim Powers (617) 571-0700

440 Adams St #2, Boston, MA 02122.