Uncle Jeff came into our lives just shortly after Baby Girl was born.He sent a gift to Baby Girl before he had met her. It was a set of baby teething rings and her first toothbrush.


Uncle Jeff still plays a pivotal role in Baby Girl's oral hygiene. When she refuses to brush her teeth, a mock phonecall to Uncle Jeff is paid.


Uncle Jeff, of course, is a dentist. A dentophile. A crocosmile hunter.

When Baby Girl fights the brush, Loverpants puts his celly to his ear, "Uncle Jeff? Yeah, I've got Madi here. She ate a lot of sugar today and she doesn't seem to want to brush her teeth. You think it's important, huh? Yup, that's what I told her. Okay, let's see if we can get her to reconsider."


A thorough teethbrushing usually follows.

Because Uncle Jeff is on the ready speed-dial, Baby Girl now seems to think that he is the 4-1-1 every time she deals with intransigence. "Know what Uncle Jeff says, Mama? He says you have to come play dolls with me." Like Uncle Jeff is an operator on QVC, just standing by, ready to take her call.

All I can say is that Auntie Eunis better keep her man on lockdown, because Uncle Jeff is a rockstar as far as Baby Girl is concerned.