Lately I have...

-made a good number of salt scrubs and other kinds of unctions for Christmas presents; -made pumpkin creme brulee;


-decided Pinterest should have a point system, much like a credit card company, whereas the currency with Pinterest would be pinned projects you actually did, like make salt scrubs or pumpkin creme brulee, and you would earn points toward gift cards to Williams-Sonoma from whence you first got the pins in the first place;

- felt happy at work;


- thought heavily upon moving to Australia;

- got my second Stitch Fix - this one was just as good as the first except most items were higher in pricepoint;


Stitch Fix polka dot dress. Hearting it so much.

- asked Loverpants if we could take the kids on a staycation locally, hotel and cable TV and pool and all, fully expecting him to say no, not that he is a big naysayer but I didn't think he'd embrace the idea, but he was all about it!! So that's what we did on Turksgiving Eve. Awesome and cray. Cray Cray Awesome;



- helped a prospective student with her college essay, from reading and editing drafts to having a sitdown brainstorm sesh. I think that's what I want to be when I grow up. A college application essay coach;

- had a fun visit with my mum and her hub.


- been amazed by Little Man's colloquial and inventive vocabulary;


- missed my sister;

- contemplated another baby, which I do probably every other day, but only hypothetically, and only because I like to think about what we would name a Wee Lee 3.0;

- read the 1992 version of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace;

- obsessed about budgeting and debt-busting;

- sold some excess stuff;

- bought a lamp at Goodwill for $3 that is totally perfect for my purposes;

- gave up on telling God how I was going to be more devoted and just plain asked God how He wanted me to have a better relationship with Him and He said plainly that I should strive to always have my Bible with me. So that's what I'm gonna do;

- realized that I am entirely soft about winter cold and would not choose to endure another Northern winter full-on;

- festooned my home with Christmas, and for the first time ever, my kids legitimately helped and made it a pleasant experience. Gloria! In excelsis Deo!


This post was inspired by Chiara. What about you? If you write an inventory post, be sure to link up below in the comments, hey?