Listen to the Mama

I made my way to the bathroom and reconfirmed that there was a God and His name was Mercy. The deluge of fluid would have flooded a small rice paddie and netted a strong harvest. Had my dam broken at Workplace, uh HOAH. I would still be hiding in the file cabinet. The excitement of my water breaking was soon followed by the onset of panic. There was no going back. A baby was coming. Oh my goodness. And it was going to come down this very same waterslide.

I considered my next steps. First off, what could I expect next from the gushings. Like, should I swaddle myself? Grab a mop? Check the weather report to see if this extreme precipitation was showing up on Doppler Radar?

This panic was heightened as I returned to the bed where the man who was 50% responsible for This Whole Thing was not sleeping. In fact, he was already at the hospital. But not The Hospital. The Other Hospital, to where he had been paged about an hour earlier. An hour earlier when I informed him to hurry back soon, because tonight was probably going to be The Night.

To be continued....