Looking Forward

Ask me what I'm looking forward to these days. Go 'head. I should say something about gummy baby grins and how they are like food to the soul. But you know what? Baby grins will still leave you starving after awhile if you don't eat. And that's my answer. I am just so excited to eat these days, Eric Carle should write a book about my life. And at the end (WARNING: SPOILERS!), instead of turning from a hungry little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, I'd turn from a ravaging post-partum woman whose stomach looks like it was run over by a concrete roller, into a Beautiful Recovered Preggo!

The truth is that after becoming someone's sole source of food (breeder = feeder, young), all I can think about is what I'm going to eat next. And it's not just short-term. I look at the calendar and all I see are lasagna dinners and pancake breakies and did I mention how I'm excited for my mother's wedding in June? Oh, because that's gonna be one good meal.

I know that this is not a good MO, what with threats of a major recession, OH NO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE PRICE OF ORGANIC BANANAS?!?! my hopes should not all hinge on the consumable. But a SAHM has to have her simple pleasures and they can't all derive from the wee one. Although, as far as tasty little treats, she is rather scrumptious.

smiley pie

head cocked to the side