Love Actually is All Around

I must have unconsciously picked the right side of the wish bone to pull because Thanksgiving entailed three 1-2-3 count 'em 3 full days of Loverpants, no pager, no interruption, all Loverpants all the time, and I was thankful indeed. I surmised that even Baby Girl was flourishing with her papa around to nuzzle noses and read all of the Sandra Boynton books in voices that mommy can't simulate. And that right there, folks, is why Adam got hisself an Eve. It was largely because Adam would be lonely, but also! God knew that Eve just couldn't do all the clever voices for Cain n' Abel. Adam would need to school her in storytime. However, because I subsist on self-invented neurosis and can't sit back and actually fully enjoy time with my husband, I was thinking about my mother-in-law and how she told me that she discovered that her own father had a brain tumor. She began to notice that he started doing peculiar, childish things like getting huffy when his grandsons would win in board games, and not closing the door to the bathroom. So of course Loverpants goes and gets all miffy when Baby Girl won't give him a smooch on the cheek and later on he falls when walking down the basement steps and I'm springing up in bed OMG LOVERPANTS! GO GET A CAT SCAN IMMEDIATELY!!!!

I pulled myself together, though, as Loverpants had to go back to work and I had to do some roving around downtown with Baby Girl so she could experience full-on the season of wonder and lights. We took many pictures over the last few days, such that if it were a crime, I'd be held in the slammer for life, with no chance of parole.

withering tree


meeting pups


purdy lights

dtn xing

all around *** We also attempted to take our yuppie family holiday picture. You can see how successful we were. Take Two.