Lucky #7

See that blushing bride charging down the steps and out into her newly minted married life?

See her husband gripping her hand in a way that is both loving and perhaps also a little steadying?

She wants to arrive at the next moment.

He wants to savor the moment present.

She chased him to Boston.

She dragged him to Tennessee.

He knows exactly, to the penny, how much is in their checking account.

He sits rocking the children into the early hours of the morning. Sitting, rocking, back and forth.

She is dashing, darting, debiting.

He is savoring, steadying, saving.

Becoming one is the work of a lifetime.

Seven years is symbolic of a long time in the Bible.

Not nearly enough to learn all that they're meant to learn in partnership and compromise and remembering not to put the nutella in the fridge.

Oh this life is sweet, though, the learning, the laughing, the loving, the adding an adverb to accompany those verbs in the present tense.


<3 To my Lovey Loverpants of a biblically long time <3

Love you deeper than our mortgage is under water. (And that's pretty deep :) )