Lying is Cheap but Her Smile is Nice

I've been living a lie. I confess, I have not been portraying this life very honestly. And with all the hype about Mommy Lit, you'd think I'd be incented to speak the truth. But as I review recent posts about motherhood, about tending to the suck monkey's needs in general, I realize there are a lot of posed pictures. There are a lot of opportunities where I don't tell you that a lot of our days are spent staring at the stainless steel appliances, wondering if they're going to move. I'm still having a blast, I still find Baby Girl to be a charming individual, but maybe I could afford to take the rose-colored curtains off the LCD monitor and give you a more savory slice of life here. ***

Like, sometimes? Her onesie doesn't match her pinafore. And she drools a lot. And she has poor posture. And her legs are straight up stuffed sausages.

Other times, she's pleased to be a reader. Upside down.

Yet, other times, she's busy giving the book the stink eye.

At times, yes, she can be irritable.

Still other times, she's just plain falling apart.

And let's be honest, sometimes every woman is the Pissed Off Posterchild....