On Monday, or more appropriately, on Tuesday, I went to bed at the ungodly hour of procrastinating college student with a massive deadline o'clock.  Do you know that hour?  It makes you crazy. You start thinking that you are both a Navy SEAL and a raggedy shlub of person. Like you are made of both awesome and terrible, because you CAN stay up until this hour to get stuff done, and because you DID.  You paw through the rest of the day, inexplicably eating scraps of waffles that have been soaking in syrup for hours because you are so fierce and because you are so pathetic. I have been doing this to myself for so long.

Sleep and I have never been close bedfellows (ha! punny!) but I am really seeking a transformation.  This is not a cry for help, but rather a decree that I am going to help myself.

I know that typically it takes 3 weeks to make a habit out of something.  But how do you make a habit out of something that will eliminate all the other habits that you really enjoy?  My struggle is that I want to want sleep.  The truth is that I don't ever want to go to bed.  I want to finish reading last week's Modern Love and asking Loverpants what he thinks of certain paint colors and  I want to stare at my baby sleeping until bleery-eyed o'clock.  I cannot do these things when the ducklings are awake, obvs!

For those of you who love yoself some sleep, please, go back to smoothing the lines around your eyes.  Early bedtime betties need not apply.  However, I solicit the kind counsel of you who favor the later bedtime but who reluctantly sack thineselves at a more reasonable hour.  How do you do it and how much more amazing is your life because you do?