I like to take cheap shots at the Mid-West sometimes, especially as an insider moving out to look back in, if that makes sense. Like how the Mid-West just found out about craigslist two years ago but is still afraid to use it. And how it drives an SUV but lingers in the passing lane just hugging the speed limit. And maybe the Mid-West will consider a vacation overseas, but that would require a passport and that's kind of time-consuming isn't it? I mean, I heard my secretary's sister's neighbor's parakeet say it took four months! Sometimes it seems impossible that I lived in the M-Dub for 17 years.  But deep down I know it is so much a part of my fibers.  My heart and spirit will always be unabashedly Mid-Western friendly. My sense of humor will always be Mid-Western generous. My driving will always be... yeah, anyway, I may dog the Mid-West for being a bit myopic at times, but some of my favorite people live there...including Baby Girl's grandparents.

IMG_2395 harbojee strollerpair

and her uncle Joe and his dog Pennie.


and her auntie Shannon.

all lee

I think I look like the mom from "Home Improvement" here:

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